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  • Solutions: identify and solve problems
  • Ethical: speed-up innovation
  • Engineering: adopt a scientific approach


Solutions for Ethical Engineering

Advanced modelling and computing to grow, innovate and develop business

Optimize time and costs

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Numerical simulations, mathematical modeling and Design of Experiments (DOE): a combined and integrated offer of engineering and mathematical methods able to produce value for customers. Their application is useful in various sectors. They can respond effectively to technical/experimental problems, applications or decision-making issues: industrial choices, production process optimization, prototyping and product innovation, processing and analysis of complex data.

PEDRO is one of 10 finalists for EDISON START award!


PEDRO has been selected as one of the ten finalists of EDISON START award! Here all the finalists

The best project in Energy category will win 100K Euros. 

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Investment in SolEthEn


Some fiscal advantages for who invests in SolEthEnRead here.