About us



SolEthEn - innovative to vocation - offers consulting services for analysis and solution of engineering problems of industrial production and human / social sciences , using tools and methodology of technologically advanced sectors (aerospace industry, oil industry, Formula 1, nanotechnology, turbomachinery, bio-engineering, etc.).

The use of virtual survey techniques - that combine and integrate the statistical analysis, mathematical modeling, numerical simulation and scientific computing - is the basis of the solutions developed and offered by SolEthEn with respect to:

  1. application problems of industrial production;
  2. support in the optimization of manufacturing processes, engineering, prototyping and design of products;
  3. simplification of decision-making and implementation of strategic choices;
  4. rationalization and processing of large data.

SolEthEn is the innovative brainchild of three young Italian researchers who have chosen to turn to BI CUBE, the business incubator of Basilicata Innovazione, to build a solid business plan to turn it into a start-up.

In April 2011 SolEthEn was selected by Innovation Factory - a company in-house of AREA Science Park, specialized in the creation and development of innovative Start Up - by launching its path of development and improvement of the business idea, aimed at the effective entrance on the market. In January 2013 it is SolEthEn Ltd and is registered in the Special Register of Companies as "Innovative Start-up" (as required by the Development Decree converted into Law 221/Dicembre 2012).

Thanks to the connections of Basilicata Innovazione - structure created by the agreement between the Region of Basilicata and AREA Science Park - with the best international research, to its network of knowledge and expertise that comes from experience in technology transfer, business intelligence services, patent information, SolEthEn has found in BI CUBE ideal environment to develop its business idea.