Through a process of analysis, rationalization and engineering of interesting issues, the SolEthEn action can contribute effectively to the following objectives.

  • Optimization of production processes: saving cost and time of production; minimization of waste and energy consumption; optimization of processing steps.

  • Increased reliability and best performance of industrial processes or products: solutions to technical problems or applications; determination of the parameters that impact on product performance or processes robustness.

  • Design support: evaluation of alternatives regarding used materials, products configurations and characteristics; studies of trade-offs between different attributes that characterize the product; development of tools and utilities to support design.

  • Realization of feasibility studies: development of new ideas for products or production processes; simulations of new urban scenarios; functional characterization of new technologies or systems.

  • Checks before or after production of the product characteristics: functionality, reliability, performance, compliance with specifications and sector standards, etc.

  • Support in decision-making and management: control of population, social or economic dynamics; environmental forecasts; maximization of targets with limited resources; identification and analysis of quantitative information useful for strategic decisions; processing of large data.