Application sectors and examples

  • Energetico
  • Meccanico
  • Plastico
  • Elettronico
  • Ambiente
  • Sanita
  • Urbanistica
    City planning
  • Trasporti
  • Progettazione
  • Impiantistica
    Plant design
  • Architettura
  • Finanza


  • Optimizing machining

    PistoneAnalysis and optimization of the intermediate machinings sequence for the prototyping of artifacts, in the cold extrusion process.

    • overtake the trial & error procedure in the machining sequence setting;
    • reduce time to verify artifacts feasibility;
    • develop preliminary analysis of the times and costs of production before the actual implementation of a prototype.
  • Support in the design of plastic products


    Verification of compliance with technical standards of a plastic wall inserted as a kit element in a vehicle.


    • dynamic analysis of the wall subjected to a deceleration profile (impact);
    • optimization of the geometry;
    • simulation of a reinforcing element inserted on the impact point and functional evaluation of the material and thickness;
    • analysis of the technical and economic feasibility.
  • Traceability and optimization of production processes

    AlluminioStatistical analysis (DoE) of production data relating to products made by aluminum extrusion.

    • monitor the volume of wastes and the efficiency / quality of the process according to the type of profile and state of the matrix used;
    • optimize the extrusion steps for the profiles that have evident criticalities;
    • get directions on strategic portfolio management and product prices.
  • Structural assessment

    Gabbione Feasibility study of structural changes of metal gabions used as retaining walls or artificial reefs. 

    • simulations of reinforcement solutions for lifting the gabion prefilled of stones;
    • structural analysis in different regimes of installation and operation;
    • simulative verification of functional characteristics and of the level of safety respect to breakage or collapsing.
  • Reliability tests

    Analysis and optimization of a burn-in test for screening of the childhood failures of electronic devices.

    • obtain statistical information on the timing and type of breakdowns;
    • identification of a predictive model for the estimation of time life subtracted to the devices;
    • optimization of the thermal cycle in terms of times, temperature gradients, infantile faults eliminated.
  • Engineerization of applicative problems in traditional sectors

    Divano Modelling of an innovative mechanism of suspension for the seat of a ergonomic sofa.

    • support prototyping through analysis of mechanical stress;
    • functional optimization of the system spring-seat-load by experimental data of pressure distribution of the human body, on the sitting surface, with different weights.
  • Environmental forecasts

    InquinanteSimulative study of pollutants dispersion from biomass burning in the atmosphere.

    • obtain relevant informations for the monitoring plan about the pollutant effects and odorous emissions;
    • predict the spread of pollutant emission in critical conditions, as a function of the wind field and the density of the various chemical species emitted from the fireplace.
  • Big data

    Dati Forecasting models to 24 hours on ozone and PM10 concentrations in atmosphere.

    • development of neural networks providing forecasting accurate informations (relating to monitoring points), using time series of pollutant concentrations and meteorological data;
    • diffusion and transport simulation models to map concentrations on a specific area.
  • Development of quantitative informations useful for strategic decisions screening

    ScreeningRationalization of a campaign of health screening.

    • statistical data analysis (DoE) related to clinical studies for the identification of the key features that determine significant differences among tested subjects;
    • rationalization of tests through identification of a statistically representative sample.